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Hi, I’m Steve Marini. Welcome to my website. I’m happy to be living on Cape Cod again after many years away. It’s a wonderful place to pursue my writing interests. My wife, Louise, and I were married in Hyannis in 1975 but moved to Maryland in 1983 for jobs with the Federal Government. After twenty-six years, we retired to the Cape and hope to have many great years ahead on the Cape. Besides writing novels, I play in the Cape Cod Senior Softball League, play high handicap golf whenever possible, do a lot of work around our yard and entertain family and friends every summer and fall. I’m a member of the Cape Cod Writers Center, where I’ve made good friends and learned a lot about writing and getting published.Writing fiction is a fun experience for me. I can be anybody I want to be, can do anything I want to do, can go wherever I want to go, and can be with whomever I want to be with. It’s the world of make believe and it’s a great way to escape from the stresses of the world. Among my writing interests is the new world of blogging. I’m trying my hand at it, so take a look at Reflections of a Baby Boomer. http://babyboomerspm.blogspot.com/Connections is my first in a series of Detective/Thriller novels featuring fictional Detective Jack Contino, battling bad guys in Boston in the 1970s. My third novel, Calculation, has recently been published. It follows Det. Jack Contino on the trail of a serial killer, who is menacing Cape Cod.

My third novel, Calculation, follows Det. Jack Contino on the trail of a serial killer, who is menacing Cape Cod.

In 2015 I started a new series, featuring characters Sam and Martha. The first is Schmuel’s Journey, a story about a boy who survives the Holocaust and grows up in America. He tries to live a quiet life in New Hampshire but  something terrible from his boyhood emerges.

Now I have Henniker Secrets, where Sam and Martha face an eerie dilemma. Can they find justice for an accused killer and reveal the truth about the Ocean Born Mary ghost legend? Go to Amazon and read a summary and buy. http://amzn.to/2uMfBYo

Hope you enjoy these stories. Thanks for stopping by.